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Sometimes it helps to talk with someone.  Do you or someone you love need support, an empathetic ear, or an experienced advisor because you’re feeling lost or confused?  The staff of North Cherry Creek Counseling Center (NCCCC) specializes in helping individuals, couples, families; teenagers, children, adults.  Since 1998, we’ve been offering professional services in Denver, Colorado and Littleton, CO.

Choosing to engage in counseling is an important decision.  Once that decision is made, finding a counselor who is well suited to your needs is the next crucial step.   Select the ABOUT link for the list of NCCCC’s therapists.

Our approach to counseling is “multi-modal.”  When attempting to resolve issues with a client, consideration is given to the whole person: psychological, emotional, cognitive, physical, medical, and spiritual.  Counseling is most effective when it is a collaborative effort.  Client and counselor establish the goals and treatment plans together.

The client’s job is to present information about himself or herself and work towards creating goals.  The counselor’s  job is to assist the client in reaching goals by providing tools that will enable the client to move towards healthier living.

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“Leadership is not about problems and decisions; it is a profoundly relational enterprise that seeks to motivate people toward a vision that will require significant change and risk on everyone’s part.”- Dr. Dan Allender

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